5152 La Vista Court | Hollywood

  • sold for $880,000
  • 4 Bedroom/4Baths
  • 2,336 ft

This distinctive 3-unit building tucked away in a small alley is the "Frolich House" or also named the London House; it has an unusual story to tell. Rumor has it that celebrated author, Jack London, once resided here. The Frolich House is located across from Raleigh Studios, just off Van Ness. This 3-story building consists of 3 lofts with high ceilings and a studio. The building has many nautical and Mediterranean influences. Large arched windows let in light and add to the overall good energy of the building. An exterior pulley system was used by Frolich to lift his sculptures into the upper loft. There is an original bas-relief of London on the exterior. In 2017, the building was declared a historic-cultural monument. Finn Frolich was a Norwegian artist who was involved with numerous sculptural works nationally and internationally. The Frolich House has been the site of vital exchanges between popular "Hollywood" culture & alternative "Bohemian" culture since the 1920s. Buyer to renovate and restore.

Jennifer Gainey

As an award-winning real estate agent for the past thirteen years, Jennifer Gainey has built a successful business based on her diverse knowledge, professionalism, and a keen sensitivity to her client’s needs. Her education and background are in art and business; prior to becoming a Realtor, Jennifer earned her B.F.A. in fine art and worked as a studio artist, then took positions with two major art auction houses in Los Angeles. At Christie's she served as Assistant Vice President, Operations Manager, and at Butterfield & Butterfield, as Director of LA Estates.