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LOC uses a problem-solving approach to design and construction that makes it well situated to take on new challenges, while its extensive experience includes the following:Experience with the following project types:

  • Master Planning
  • Commercial
  • Mixed-use
  • Single-family Residential
  • Multi-family Residential
  • Schools
  • Performing Arts
  • Exhibition Design



Architect in Northeast LA



5109 Montezuma Street, Los Angeles, California 90042


Jennifer Gainey

As an award-winning real estate agent for the past thirteen years, Jennifer Gainey has built a successful business based on her diverse knowledge, professionalism, and a keen sensitivity to her client’s needs. Her education and background are in art and business; prior to becoming a Realtor, Jennifer earned her B.F.A. in fine art and worked as a studio artist, then took positions with two major art auction houses in Los Angeles. At Christie's she served as Assistant Vice President, Operations Manager, and at Butterfield & Butterfield, as Director of LA Estates. 

Yeh Design Lab

Yeh Design Lab was founded in 2005 by Yi-Hsiu Yeh, an architect in Los Angeles.  The lab is created to bridge architecture & fashion by exploring the roles of small-scale wearable objects as message carrying media and their relations with human body.  Yeh Design Lab is interested in combining advanced technology and traditional fabrication as a means to unconventional transformations of materials.


Neurofeedback Training Co.

Neurofeedback Tranining Co., specializes in optimizing your brain with NeurOptimal® neurofeedback. An effective & non-invasive alternative treatment to improve your mental health and to alleviate symptoms from ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, sleep disorders and brain injuries. Sessions available in NY, LA and Boulder, Colorado. Buy or rent a Neurofeedback Home System for home use. We ship nationally.